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VALCO’s MISSION is to fulfill the needs of Colorado Veterans by providing innovative programs and services that maximize their quality of life.


This is accomplished by providing support, system navigation, life skills training and personal developmental coaching that puts “Veterans and their Families” needs first through a collaborative approach to treating the whole veteran.


An approach that enables veterans to receive the breadth of services needed to restore their mental, physical, emotional and economic well being and to reunite with themselves, their family and community and resume productive lives.


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Through their own self advocacy, VALCO began to see the incredible need for advocacy among veterans by veterans who themselves were receiving services from the VA Benefit and Health care systems. 


This prompted them to establish VALCO as a formal 501(c)3 organization in 2009 to build a comprehensive, continuum of integrative collaborating service providers throughout the Rocky Mountain Front Range Urban Corridor the unique continuum of care needs of US Military Veterans and their families and assure their physical, emotional, financial and spiritual well-being is maintained throughout their lifetime in keeping with our moral and legal obligations and values as a Nation and a people.


We as an organization and as individuals know that the challeneges we face are greater than any one of us. At VALCO, we strive to support our fellow Veterans by creating and realizing a shared vision. Working to accomplish a common mission that moves us forward together, beyond simply the sum of what we could achieve as individuals. The development of this plan has reinforced our belief in the strength each member brings to the table, and the critical role of our community partnerships.


We help Veterans analyze and navigate the current socioeconomic, cultural, behavioral, and environmental systems. We translate data  and offer recommendations, and interventions to support our Veterans. We will accomplish our goals by listening to Veterans' concerns, values, and aspirations, then setting a path forward to create change.

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